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Yelp Elite Kicked to the Yale Curb

Yelp has finally turned on itself and done some good.  An elite Yelp user has finally gotten a dose of karma, Yelp karma. And now, she’s living amongst the unemployed with nothing to do with her time but read about herself on the internet.

June Chu, a (former) dean of Pierson College at Yale University, has resigned from her elitist Dean/ Yelp position due to inflammatory and flat out mean remarks that she posted on her now deleted Yelp account. Another one bites the dust! 

June used words like, “white trash,” and “uneducated morons,” to describe establishments and workers in her many disparaging rants on Yelp. One of the places that got her grandma panties in a bunch was a movie theater that didn’t have a separate line for “just tickets.” Well Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,  June had to share a line with people who were buying popcorn and sodas?!? Save us and be healed! Going on to say that she didn’t get good service at the theater. Hey June… It’s a fucking movie theater! You ask for what you want, you pay them, and they give it to you. And what the hell are you doing buying tickets at the theater anyways? What is this 2010? Try the Internet.


June held a university position that helps out the student body, and is supposed to be a safe place for people to not be judged or scrutinized by the Dean or the staff.  However, June had a sense of entitlement that only is reserved for people who claim the worthy “elite Yelp” status.  She did what they all do which is to hide behind their keyboards and rip people and places apart all because they think that they are important.  Well June, you are important, but now you’re important AND unemployed.

A woman that claimed to love diversity, obviously didn’t love it as much as she thought that she did.  She tried to get off the hook by sending a blanket email apology to the student body, claiming her reviews were “insensitive,” and “wrong,” but one of her reviews clearly stated,

“Be kind my ass.  I pay for my ticket and decent customer service.  Decent.  I’m not asking for stellar.  I’m asking for a bare minimum of competence.”

And it’s not like this happened one time.  June wrote many reviews expressing her disgust with society.  She knew what she was doing, and she knew she was presenting herself as a fraud to her student body.

“Remember: I am Asian,” Chu says in a post criticizing a Mochi restaurant. “I know Mochi. These are not good and overpriced… I guess if you were a white person who has no clue what Mochi is, this would be fine for you.”


I wanted to see if June was correct about Asians knowing Mochi, so I went and asked 3 of my customers the other night who happened to be Asian.  One out of the three knew about Mochi, let alone “good Mochi.”  And according to Asians who know math, that’s only a third of Asians I polled.

More punishments need to happen to people on Yelp like June.  You can’t just be an internet coward and not expect there to be any repercussions.  The university only put June on leave at first, but then she eventually resigned in June.  I want to gave all the credit to the Yale Daily News for bringing this woman to justice.  Journalism done right.

Well June, what the hell are you going to do now?  You’ve deleted your Yelp account, meaning your nights are free from writing anymore mean things about people you don’t know, and your career is, (ahem), on stand-by.  But I just saw on Craigslist New Haven that a particular movie theater is hiring.  I think it’s right up your alley.  Just remember when a customer says “easy butter” that means don’t put too much butter on their popcorn.  We wouldn’t want anybody to write a scathing review about you on Yelp.

Until next time… Server’s don’t pay their rent with compliments.
“Bitter.  Party of 1?  Your table is ready.”






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