Wind and Rain and Squirrels

Okay.  I know that I’ve written about this before, but the battle continues.  It’s been (somewhat) rainy, and definitely windy, so I’ve been inside contemplating what to do about my situation.  But all I know is that I’VE HAD IT!!!  I don’t know if these squirrels want to be friends with me (or what) but their way of going about doing it is driving me nuts.  (Pun intended.)

The other day I was out walking with my dad, and we chased one of those punks up the tree.  I watched it climb up the tree, over the branches and end up across the street.  It was hanging upside down on the trunk of the tree, staring at me and wagging its tail.  Since when do squirrels wag their tails?  I know I wag my tail, but that’s because I’m a dog and that’s what dogs are supposed to do.  Now I’ve got to be taunted by some other species wagging its tail at me?  Not in my house!

Enough is doggone enough!  When I wake up in the morning, I go out to my backyard–I love saying “my backyard”–to do my business, but before I can even get out the door, I hear the talking.  As if to say, “We’re out here.  It’s our yard, and not your’s.  Come and get us.”  My dad or mom opens the door, and I run out like I’m in the number 6 lane of the Kentucky Derby.  Squirrels beware:  If I had thumbs and could open doors, you wouldn’t be wagging those fluffy tails you’ve got.

All I’ve got to say is, soon squirrels, soon.

Do you know what your dog’s body language means?  Here’s one of my favorite websites and blogs, i Heart dogs, and a great article about body language and what it means.  (CLICK HERE)

After all of this blogging, I need another nap.

Sniff ya later…

My name is Chloe.

I am a Springer Spaniel.



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