That Squirrel !!!

squirrelI have a new enemy, and his name is Squirrel.  He probably lived in my yard long before me and my family moved into our new home, but now he is trespassing.  Trespassing is illegal.  And if it’s one thing that I know, it’s that dogs and squirrels do NOT get along.

Seriously, if we were meant to get along, then I would know how to climb trees.  I’ve tried, and it didn’t work out that well.  That squirrel is a coward!  Scampering across my backyard lawn, just taunting me, and when I finally get out the door–POOF–up the tree it goes.  But it doesn’t stop there.  When it’s up in the tree, it talks.  And he never shuts up.  As if to say, “I’m here.  High in a tree, with nuts in my mouth, and you are stuck on the ground with your tail wagging and your paws without thumbs.  Sucker!”

What is a dog to do?  Probably best just to nap on this one and the answer will come to me.  If not, I’ll be chasing that squirrel forever.  I hope I don’t dream about chasing that squirrel.  UHG!!!

CHLOE’S CANINE TIP:  Dogs will chew for many reasons:  1. Anxiety. 2. Boredom. 3. Hunger!  Here’s a great article from my friends at ASPCA.

That’s all for now.



Sniff ya later.

My name is Chloe.

I am a Springer Spaniel.







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