Name in Lights

IMG_2185I’ve made it!  Finally got my name in lights.  All it took was a little trip down to San Diego and there it is!  (Whomp there it is!)  Thanks to the Hotel Solamar for making this happen.  You really know how to make a dog feel welcome.  Even though there are other dogs here, I give you two paws for making the effort.

San Diego has been a great relief from the heat in LA.  Everywhere we go, people stop and say hello.  I have been called a “show dog,” a “hunting dog,” and “well trained.”  I might never leave.

These San Diegans know how to live it up too.  There is this place called the Gaslamp District, and the people drinking there are crazier than a bunch of cats and squirrels.  One guy was riding his bike around looking to give other people a ride on his bike.  I guess it’s like a bike taxi.  When he wasn’t giving people a ride, he had a squeak toy that he would use to get attention.  One of these times, I’m gonna get that squeaker from him.

Now we are off to the beach.  Oh, and Happy 5th Anniversary to my parents.  I left you a gift in the backyard when we get home.

Sniff ya later.

My name is Chloe. I am a Springer Spaniel

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