Sochi Dogs 2014

The Winter Olympics have finally finished.  I must admit, the curling events caught my attention in-between my naps.  Check out this paw-biter.

But the real excitement of the games has been the dogs roaming the streets in Sochi.

SOCHI DOGS 2014 !!!

I am glad that many of my Russian canine friends have found good homes.  I hope the ones that remain will soon find the shelters they need.  And that the ones that found Americans to adopt them are not going to have too much of a language barrier.  I can’t imagine trying to communicate with a dog who only speaks Russian.  The only Russian I’ve learned through the years was from watching “Rocky 4.”  "I must break you!“

I totally support helping these wonderful dogs out, but I don’t want people to forget that we have just as big of a problem here in the U.S.  You can find terrific dogs in many of the shelters around town, or through the ASPCA.

It’s also important to remember that being ready to have a dog is just as important as wanting to adopt one.  So many poochies have lost the opportunity to have good homes because the people who adopted them didn’t realize that it actually takes work to love and shelter a dog.  Then they send the dog back to the shelter which is worse in the end, because now that dog has a chip on it’s shoulder, and that leads to resentments.  Then that dog gets a little older, and when it finally does find a responsible owner, the dog has grown into the canine version of Gary Busey… but with smaller teeth.


Love your dogs.  We’ll love you more.

For more dog info, check out:  www.akc.org.

Sniff ya later.


My name is Chloe.  I am a Springer Spaniel.

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