It’s My Birthday and I’ll Bark if I Want To


This past week I celebrated another birthday.  I don’t really equate anything to “dog years,” so I just say that I have been fortunate enough to have been here for 6 rotations of the planet.  Nothing is better then having birthday cake, and eating it.  

I’ve heard way too many people say that dog’s don’t celebrate birthdays.  To those naive humans I say (GRRRRR!)  I’m tired of this statement.  I’ve been to plenty of human birthdays.  I’ve seen presents being opened, and candles on cakes, and way too many times have I heard that horrible “happy birthday” song being sung that I’ve had to take shelter under the bed to get away from it all.  

Now I’m not saying that us canines are looking for some sort of surprise party.  That actually would probably be a bad idea.  But a special day at the park, or pool, or whatever place the dog wants to go that day.  Is this really too much to ask?  

Yes, my parents like to go a bit above and beyond for my birthday.  I know most parents are not like them, which is unfortunate.  But a little acknowledgment for your canine son, daughter, or friend to wish them well and let them know that you appreciate them being around for another year would be appreciated.  

By the way, I am still accepting gifts for my birthday, even though it has passed.

CHLOE’S CANINE TIP:  Remember that dogs can’t consume chocolate.  For healthful treats and even birthday cake, check out a dog bakery.  Here’s one of my favorites:  The Dog Bakery.  For more dog info, check out:  www.akc.org.

Sniff ya later.

My name is Chloe.  I am a Springer Spaniel.

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