Service Dogs


Long time, no write.  Life can be busy when you have a quota to meet for naps, shaking hands, and are trying to catch the neighbors cat.  (One of these days, cat!)  

I’ve been to some good restaurants lately.  Yes, against the advice of the Health Department, many restaurants have become “dog friendly.”  What that means basically is that us dogs can go and sit in restaurants, usually on the patio, and enjoy them just as much as our parents.  But like I said, on the patio.

What’s the deal with the dogs who sit on chairs at the table?  To all of those dogs reading my blog, let me be honest with you… you look like an idiot.  The ground is much more comfortable and you won’t attract negative attention.  I mean, seriously?  We finally get the right to go into restaurants, and now some of you think you can push the boundaries by sitting at the actual table?  UHG!


 I stay on the ground and get a ton of attention from people.  The good kind of attention.  Take note, this is how it’s done.  On the ground, looking cute, protecting the table from birds!  (One of these days, birds!)  

CHLOE’S CANINE TIP:  Don’t feed your dog table scraps.  All dogs are different as far as their diets are concerned, but a good brand like Wellness or one like it is a good start.  Ask your vet for a good diet for your dog.  And check out this article: Nutrition for dogs.  For more info, check out:  www.akc.org.

Sniff ya later.

My name is Chloe.  I am a Springer Spaniel.

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